MommySTRONG History

In 2007, mommySTRONG was created from the heart of my own personal experiences. I’ve struggled with my weight almost all of my life.  It all seemed to become even more intense during my college years.  I gained the traditionally freshman 20lbs with ease. Ironically, I managed to become an elite collegiate athlete but I had terrible eating habits. This weight rollercoaster continued until I was about 31 yrs old.

In 2007 while I was pregnant with my daughter I had a strong desire to fine tune my fitness/nutritional way of life.  So 5 weeks after delivering my daughter Trinity my husband and I began a 12 Week transformation. As I went through my transformation I lost more than weight, inches, and body fat. I began to deal with the spiritual weight that had held me in bondage for years.  I learned that emotions like anger, denial, bitterness, and a bit of laziness were more detrimental than too many carbs. The Lord began to show me that some of my extra weight had nothing to do with working out or eating right.

As I neared the end of my 12 Weeks many people at my church recognized my dramatic transformation and began to ask me how I did it.  A good friend of mine said I needed to show them. So after much prayer, I started the mommySTRONG 12 Week Transformation.  It was geared around the physical but I based my program around helping women deal with their spiritual issues as well.

MommySTRONG is a God inspired and centered program.  Thru much prayer and guidance I was led to design a program that is affordable; that demands accountability from its participants; and  has Coaches who are accessible, even when there isn’t a training session going on. Our Coaches have all been thru the MommySTRONG mind, body transformation and are passionate to share the gift that has given to them. Please click on our trainers link to read their story.

MommySTRONG is a sisterhood; a family of women who share the same dedicated passion to “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”.