I have been an athlete all of my life. From basketball to volleyball to track to cheerleading, you name it! I’ve done it. As I got older, I struggled with my weight off on and for many years mostly during my twenties. Between school, friends, and my career something had to give and I became a product of yo-yo dieting. I would lose 15 lbs quickly and incorrectly only to gain it right back quicker than I lost it. I wanted the quick fix without the discipline, hours planning meals and countless hours in the gym. Due to my athlete mentality, I thought that I could eat whatever I wanted and work out whenever I wanted and that I would just get by. I ended up not very happy with my body because I knew I was not at my potential and realized how it affected my energy level, my relationships and my overall well-being.

I was introduced to Karla through a mutual friend and thought I was getting together with some girlfriends to work out, tone up, and lose some weight. WRONG! Instead, I experienced a life-altering program that not only has produced the outward results I wanted, more importantly, it has produced the inward results that will last for eternity.

At the beginning of this 12 week program, I realized that my thoughts were so negative about the economy and my job situation. Layoff after layoff the tension mounted and I became a prisoner of my own thoughts. “Garbage in! Garbage out!” rang so true in my life. What was I watching? What was I listening to? Who was I spending my time with? I was spiritually on “E” and expecting peace and hope during a very tough time in life. So I began to cut out the bad habits and create new habits that I knew would bear some fruit in my life. I cut out TV, I only listened to Christian radio and I soon dedicated my workout time to the Lord as well. I created uplifting playlists and worshipped Him and prayed while working out. In addition to daily encouragement, prayer and accountability from Karla, God was very busy preparing for a new season of growth and transformation.

On October 8th, 2008 I was laid off from my almost 7 year career at Countrywide Financial. I had given my heart, soul and mind to that place and what did I get in return?  When I was asked the question, “Who is your source? Who holds your purpose in His hands?” My honest answer was Countrywide. Through Karla’s program, God prepared with peace that surpasses all understanding, an endless supply of joy and hope for the unknown future. A year prior, I would have fallen apart!

During all of my free time, God continued to work on me, gave me access to people that would hold me accountable and showed me a side of myself that I did not like. I realized that I had been a baby Christian since the age of 6 saying things like, “Not now God. I will tithe later. One day, I will get involved. One day, I will make a difference.”

What had I done to advance the kingdom of God? Nothing. At the Mina4 dedication, Kris commented on his and Karla’s leadership abilities and how for many years, they had unknowingly used them to lead people astray. Convicted, party of one, your table is now available! God has also given me natural leadership abilities but I have not been using them for HIM.

Since the successful completion of the mommySTRONG program not once but twice, I have taken my fitness and nutrition to new levels and am still pushing myself to new heights. There is nothing else I would rather do than witness and be a part of many more radical changes in the lives of ladies across the DFW metroplex! Whether you are a mommy or not, this mind, body and spirit transformation is for YOU!

“Change your mind. Change your Life.” -Janet