For most of my life, up until I was 31 yrs old, I constantly worried and focused on my weight. Everything revolved around food. I probably thought about what I wanted to eat more than anything else in my life. I would think about what I was going to eat for my next meal as I was eating the current one. Worrying about how I looked came in a very close second.

I remember going from wearing Osh Gosh clothing, straight into a size 10-12. Now I know I hit the in between sizes, but I wasn’t there for long.
I was a very active girl in High School, playing soccer at the highest levels I could play. The problem was I had very poor eating habits. My breaking point was when I went to college gained the customary freshman 20 lbs, kept the same bad eating habits, drank a lot of alcohol, and breaking my leg while playing soccer in 1996. Top this situation with a “cherry on top” called depression and it’s no surprise that I hit my max weight at 182 lbs.

One of my best friends from High School did the BFL (Body for Life Program, by Bill Phillips) and I took her 12 week after pictures. I couldn’t believe her transformation. For the following 10yrs I attempted to do the 12 week BFL program 5 times but I fizzled out never making it past 6 weeks. BFL is an internet based training program so It was very hard to stay focused and inspired without having a live trainer around in your business and in your face, which is, exactly what mommySTRONG™ offers.

I stayed around 180 for a couple of years. I started to lose some weight but I couldn’t break 160-165. Right before I met my husband in 2006 I lost about 10 more lbs. I was down to 155 lbs which was the lowest I had been in about 12 yrs. After my husband Kris and I married and I became pregnant with my daughter, I made a conscious decision with my husband’s support to change my mindset and to transform my life for good. I planned out (prior to delivery of my baby) what I was going to do when I was released to workout. I studied meal plans, calorie intake, and workout plans. Organizing and planning workouts with a variety of options was easy for me, since my husband and I were both college athletes. We’ve been trained by some of the best athletic trainers in the US. My Achilles Heel was incorporating a disciplined approach towards my eating habits and staying committed for the full 12 weeks. In these two areas was where my struggle dwelled.

Five weeks after giving birth Kris and I began our transformations. Little did I know, I had just sparked the transformation process in more ways than just physical. We planned our meals, our gym times which were difficult because we had a newborn and the sleep was minimal. I prayed many times for strength, and the Lord always met me where I was. I remember one particular workout it was about 3:45am (after feeding my daughter and laying her down) I felt the Lord telling me this is more than eating right and working out, deal with your anger, deal with your bitterness towards my mother-in-law. Deal with the inside and eventually it will reflect on the outside. I repented for anger and bitterness, sure enough lost 9 lbs. Nine pounds within 2 weeks that had nothing to do with eating right or exercise because it was all unnecessary emotional weight I had been carrying around for years.

What issues are you holding onto, that is holding you back?

This is NOT a bootcamp, this is a Lifestyle Transformation