After getting married and starting a family I faced the same challenges so many of us struggle with…..finding the following – an affordable fitness solution,  time to work out and the will to follow through until my goal was met.  I sought out the traditional monthly gym memberships, personal trainers, group aerobics, etc.….none were what I needed in the end.

I met Karla in 2007 while I was pregnant with my first child. After giving birth I was able to witness her parts of her transformation, although I was stubborn and did not sign up for the program until Spring 2008 after I tried all the previously mentioned programs.  God definitely has a way of showing you who is in charge because I ended up exactly where he intended for me to be.  I went on to have another child in May of 2010 and I gained over 50 lbs during my pregnancy.  I am proud to say that as of June, I have met my goal weight and it is still amazing to realize how far God has brought me and this program was means of transportation.

My personal journey has been paved with a different experience and lesson with each mommySTRONG that I have participated in.  My emotions each cycle range from fear, nervousness, excitement, anticipation, happiness and confidence.  My husband and my kids are my greatest joy whom I love beyond words, however when I first started the program they were most definitely the heart of my distractions.  From coming home after workout to a large pizza ordered by “Daddy”, to my toddler having tummy aches that only “Mommy” could make better, to last minute business trips….it became pretty clear that I would have to come to grips with taking “me” time for my own sanity.  Sometimes that meant calling in reinforcements (a.k.a. Grandmothers to fill in) and other times that meant explaining why I could not make every t-ball game. As the program progressed, the distractions did not go away, but my ability to effectively manage them became much easier.

I would be lying if I said it only took only one session for my husband to understand how important this process was to make me a better woman, wife,  mother, sister, daughter, etc.   I am proud to say even though he didn’t say so until later, he immediately saw the effects….I had more energy, our meals were better planned out and as a result he even established a planned workout schedule for himself.  If there is one piece of my testimony that I would like to give anyone considering this program it would be that this program has a different take-away for each and every woman (with different results).  Some women meet their goal the first 12 weeks, others like me take multiple sessions.  Each season is different and no where will you find a program that surrounds you with people who genuinely care and pray for your individual and group success. This program not only changes your mind (e.g. how you view food, exercise and your self-image) but builds new relationships and lastly physically transforms your body.