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Seeing Positive Changes

Last week with the approaching 4 Week Weigh-In and Karla’s statements that there might not be a big change in the scale, I decided that I was going to rejoice in any, big or small, changes that I saw.  I knew that somethings have begun to shift because the way my clothes were fitting.  Well,  there was a 2% reduction in body fat and 5 less pounds of me.  How fantastic!

Today I went to see my physician who has a machine that calculates body fat, muscle mass, and cell hydration, this machine is called a BIA (BioImpedence Analysis).  I’ve been having a BIA done since 2006.  Today’s BIA compared to a year ago I have lost 6.7 pounds of fat, and gained 2.2 pounds of muscle.  Which puts me back to where I was in 2006 except with an extra pound of muscle.  That is monumental!  Don’t get me wrong, I still have issues.  But it so so encouraging that in a matter of 4 weeks to see such changes that is enough to keep me going.

Despite any groaning or bellyaching I do during the workout, I look forward to each session.

Thanks MommySTRONG, you’ve made a difference in my life.

Michelle S.











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