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Testimony From Jen S

My testimony – about the last 90 days.  (and then some)
Jen Sulak – mommyStrong Alumni
In the next 4 weeks will make about a year since I really started to commit back-to-back solid plans of executing workouts and eating plans (better).  I have been working out a majority of my life, but never to the full passion or strength that I could.  I had knee surgery 17 years ago and was worried that any impact at all could cause me to lose my joints faster or I could injure myself a lot.  So I never really pushed myself.  In 2008 I was at my lowest weight since forever and the lowest body fat percentage since who knows when.  But I was still not strong.  And yes, that was when I truly successfully completed a mommyStrong fitness challenge.
When I looked at those pictures I still didn’t see the real me!
2009 went by…and then came 2010.  That year I dismissed a friend out of my life that had never truly been a friend to me and that took me on a turn for the better I believed.  When they say be careful who you surround yourself with, they are right.  If they are not mutually giving into the relationship and you forget to set boundaries – they become a leach or in my case – went behind my back and hid things from me as well as started gossip and laid groundwork for me to be sucked into it as well.  This happened in July of 2010.  Right after, is when I decided to take my life back.
PLAN NUMBER ONE I started with the classic routine of p90x.  I found myself pushing harder than ever, being sore and being challenged cardio wise as well as muscle building wise.  I had tried to also set a goal to do a pullup.  (this inspiration came from another trainer friend of mine, when we were working on a fitness project).  I figured that was a great goal to have and I could tell right away on my husband’s bowflex – I had ZERO back strength to do even a basic pull-down.  By the end of that 90 days I felt so much stronger all over…and didn’t even have to eat SUPER perfect to get my results. 
PLAN NUMBER TWO  Then came the LEAN routine of p90x.  It wasn’t as intense and I felt I could eat the same way, but I feel like I gained the bodyfat back.  You can see in my mommystrong pictures earlier this year – that i was definitely a little squishy.  Meanwhile, my life outside of fitness was doing ok.  I was still setting personal goals, making plans to travel this year.  Even made it to visit my father and the family up north.  I took a great vacation with my husband and even ate decent and worked out during that time.  I really didn’t care for the lean, it wasn’t what I thought and I didn’t like it.
PLAN NUMBER THREE  So the next phase I came back full circle to the original p90x routine but added mommystrong in for the other 3 days.  What I didn’t expect was that in the first weeks of MS, I didn’t get the cardio I wanted so I kinda felt like I was pulling double-duty with not enough cardio, but my eating still about the same.  Eat good here and there and really focus on a cheat day once a week!  By the end, I felt I had reached a decent inner goal and the 3rd round I was doing lots of assisted pullups and have a lot of great body shape.  I’m seeing pictures of myself, realizing the real me is starting to arrive.
PLAN NUMBER FOUR :  (notice there aren’t really any breaks in between these plans!!) 
Then, cue in the next mess I call the INSANITY workout!  I had decided to do this after I finished mommystrong, because I HAD to have a next plan in place.  I tend to get pretty bored and even tossed in previous workouts I’ve had in the past like Tae Bo and various things from my personal library.  I’ve never had a gym membership, because I had to teach and motivate myself from home because I’ve never had that extra cash to invest in a gym.  Once I realized I could make a decision every day to PUSH PLAY (which I’ve learned from the insanity group)…I was able to EVENTUALLY make good decisions in food as well, knowing that I was working out hard and feeding my body vitamins & fuel.  I’ve been able to MAKE these fitness decisions since college – because I felt I had no choice.  I liked how I felt when I played basketball in high school, and I didn’t like being a couch potato!  I didn’t start EATING better until I got married about 6 years ago.
INSANITY – I started this as my next plan because of the super high intensity.  I was determined yet again, to push my own boundaries of fitness.  Here I am, 35.   I was able to complete most of the weeks, minus about 5-6 days when I went to NYC (but we walked a lot, stairs, blocks, subways, etc) and maybe a few others days with an injury or super-soreness.   When I was super sore, I did something else low intensity not on the program.  When I was tired, I rested during my circuits.  For example, I rested 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds.  That meant, I could actually FINISH the workout rather than pass out because my body wasn’t conditioned yet. 
Prior to finishing insanity, I already had a plan in place to do the original routine of p90x again, WITH insanity included.  But, for the next 4 weeks, I’ll be finishing out mommystrong with everyone.  Then I’ll be back into the intense insanity workouts pushing myself to grow in strength & endurance and by all means, having fun while doing it.  I learned very quickly, I would HAVE to eat during that program because it was SO intense!  Word to the wise, go shop for foods at Aldi, Sprouts and various places.
PLAN NUMBER FIVE???  After THIS round? I don’t know yet what I will do – but when you have a plan in place…you will find that 12 weeks go by pretty fast, but what will you do for the next 12 weeks after that?  Insanity was only 60 days…and I took ONE week “off” from all the intense workouts to rest.  But my next plan is in place for the next 90 days.  What is yours?  Do you have one?  What is your excuse for not making a plan?  When you purchase things like p90x or Insanity – they actually GIVE YOU A PLAN.  That is what I love about it.  Food tips and FITNESS PLAN. I would also look into the Biggest Loser series, please- if I can do this, anyone can. For me, having the ability to make a checklist of what I needed to finish and accomplish in my day (workouts included)…makes a lot more sense than talking myself out of something.  And you know what?  If you screwed up, tomorrow is another day you get to push play and make another good decision.  So forgive yourself today, and push play tomorrow and eat those good foods. 
If all else fails to motivate you?  I surround myself with people that are older than me…have had more kids than me (I’ve had none) – but they still maintain an attitude of keeping their temple fit & healthy.  THOSE ladies inspire me.  Because the world tells us “you’re too old”….”you’ve had too many kids your gut sucks”…”you’ll never have your body back”….well guess what, you CAN have your body in the shape you want.  It is NO LONGER about losing weight – it is about STRENGTH and power to be able to walk without a walker, lift without lots of pain or strain, carry groceries and not pull your arm out of socket, keep the pace with your children….and the list goes on and on……can you NOT tell me that seeing and hearing Karla’s story doesn’t motivate you? J  Step back and take a good look at who you can be – and then DARE to be you.
Ladies, all you need…are FOUR 12 week PLANS in place – and you have covered your entire year.  GOD is with you, so sit down – and make it happen!!!! 
Much love
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