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Ugly -likely to cause inconvenience or discomfort
-offensive or unpleasant to
any sense

Sometimes it takes someone else being this way to you
for you to realize how you might be treating someone else. There was an instance
when I was treated this way by a man that I couldn’t believe the lack of
compassion and immediately the Holy Spirit said this is how you have been
treating your husband. Uuggggguuuuhhh! Unfortunately, at the time I couldn’t
stop and dwell on that thought til later for that moment I had to continue
dealing with this man for another 20 minutes.

The Holy Spirit was
referring to this…… The following week I thought it was going to be a
productive week and it turned into no school, sick family and snowed in the
house. I was not happy and I took it out on my husband who was sick with the
flu. I let my frustrations and generational iniquities get in the way of me
nurturing him. This was a test that I failed at miserably and for some reason I
couldn’t easily make up for it either. I was forced to recognize where the lack
of compassion is coming from and to deal with it once and for all.

realized the Lord strategically put 3 friends and my husband in my life for a
reason. He needed them to pull something out of me and all of them are very high
responders or contemplators

Responder and Contemplaator are 2 of 7 life languages from the
Kendall’s Life language book
I know they all learned something from me but when I die I don’t want them to
say how I was always on time and was an organized planner. That would be a

Pastor Mike Hayes has spoken about “The right Place, the right
People, and the right Plan………. In so many ways this message spoke to me
about why God puts us where he does and people around us at certain times of our
lives this all to carry out His ultimate purpose (plan).
I know God will give me another opportunity to pass this test. Please
pray that I will pass all the tests not just this one test.

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