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Foolish Man

The Foolish Man

Proverbs 14:7- 7Go from the presence of a foolish and self-confident man, for you will not find knowledge on his lips

The old saying birds of a feather flock together, Who are you hanging around? You know my circle of friends has changed over the years. I distinctly remembering when I started following Christ that place when I had my Church friends and still had my worldly partying friends. Being stuck in the Gray area can be miserable. You don’t realize it until you make the complete transition. Eventually, God will remove some people, but there is always 1 person that you will have to start distancing yourself from on your own. God wants to see if you are going to meet him. This is free will part.


Proverb 13:20-

20 He who walks with wise men will be wise,
But the companion of fools will be destroyed.


Everyone knows definition of insanity, Do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.I don’t wanna sound like the broken record, BUT do the opposite, and actually get a different result. Start surrounding yourself with people that are moving forward, not keeping you down, or stuck in the grey. Who are the foolish people in your life? Are they influencing you? Are they stuck going around the same mountain? Could there be a link?


I had to realize (even this season) but with mommySTRONG I cant take it personal. People either commit and finish or they don’t. Distractions happen of course, but at some point people have to look and recognize their destructive patterns and lack of commitment towards thier health. I cant be more committed in someones else life, then they are.

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