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1:  refusal to admit the truth or reality


Are you in denial of your situation? or the opposite, your not in denial, but you don’t follow through with what it takes to get where you need to be….both lead to destruction.


Dave Ramsey in “Total Money Makeover” says he doesn’t know what is worse an overweight person that everyone sees isnt doing anything about it, or a financially Fat person who is living on Credit cards or other peoples money…..both are denial. He says that sadly, enough most the people who were successful in his money makeovers were the ones who hit rock bottom first. The same could be said for the out of shape/unhealthy person who gets diabetes, a stroke, high blood pressure, ect…. This is to late.


At what point does ones desire to have a healthier life outweigh the desire to be lazy and then  the feelings of guilt that come along with that later? This is in every area starting with your relationship with God. Build healthy habits now, not when you or a loved one is in the hospital.  Change is sometimes an awful process in the beginning, but it is better to do it yourself, then a doctor force you to cut cold turkey so you dont die.


Once again, I had each of you right down an issue at the initial meeting. You may have figured out others or your main issue might have shifted but if you dont get control of that, then after this program is over that will still be there.

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