Aug 2, 2012 - Daily Devotional    No Comments

Heavy Heart

Heavy- having great weight

Heart- the central or innermost part


In our current world state it is so easy to become bogged down, and depressed with a heavy heart. Let alone having to deal with issues with families, spouses and kids. As women we play so many roles and tend to take on the burdens for everyone. We must Stop the madness!! Jesus died to carry our burdens. God’s plan for your life is greater than your plan.

A heavy heart can come from som many things. A betrayal, a death, loss of job, a divorce, a break-up, a sickness, you get the point. Let’s begin to remove these things. The Heavy- (having a great weight) is literally pounds on you. I challenge you to close your eyes and visually see your heavy heart issue in your hands and handing it over to Jesus. Heal your heart and remove the weight!!!

Matthew 11:30
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light

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