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Changed Heart

Changed-to give a different position, course, or direction to

Heart- the central or innermost part

mommySTRONG’s tagline is Change your Mind, and Change Your Life”   we believe that if your mind is changed everything else will follow. Over the years, through my own personal trials and heart breaks I realized the heart is directly connected with  your mind. If you have a healing in your heart then the way you think about certain things will change too. You must understand healing takes time.

Think about someone who just had open heart surgery (which for some of you right now might be going through a spiritual heart surgery) you don’t just get up after surgery and start doing the normal activity you did before. It takes time. Things that come to mind:

An unexpected loss of a loved one/ or baby. There is no explanation or right answer just the hole in your heart that leaves a void.

A sudden break-up or divorce that leaves a taste of bitterness. That cripples you emotionally as you have to pick up and start over.

Physical aliments or disease that you have been battling with for years with no sign of relief.

I want you to get this, if any of you have a hurt, heavy, or faint heart and need a change go deep and get healed. This is the time now to heal wounds, break scar tissue, and strengthen your heart. It will hurt in the beginning (like working out) but each day it gets easier and stronger.

Ladies, this is not easy until you hand  your heart over so change can happen.

Now let’s get to work….physically and emotionally. Let’s HEAL!!

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