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Do You See What I See

You- is You

I – is God

2 years ago the “Gift” the Lord asked me to give the 2010 mommySTRONG class at the Dinner Party was a mirror. It was a really cute compact mirror with the first initial of their name on the outside. The Lord’s meaning behind the mirrors was a challenge for each of the women to look at themselves through the spiritual, instead of the natural. More often than not, when we look into the mirror the little voices in our head initially are negative.

“I look rough,”   “my laugh lines are getting deeper,”  ” Look at my second chin,” on and on…… So God’s challenge to all of us at that time was to look in the mirror for 2 minutes straight, blocking out all negative voices, and saying positive things about yourself as a person. Things that had nothing to do with your physical. He said, “Do you see what I see,”-  totally different perspective.

If we all could really see how God felt about us, then none of us would ever have a Love issue. No insecurities,fears, weight or self-esteem issues. (more tomorrow on those door openers )

I Challenge each of you to do the same, look into the mirror for 2 minutes straight and speak life to yourself. For some of you, you are all you got!!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, mommystrong is here to speak LIFE. Whether daily with these devotionals, or the 3x a week live at class.  Each of you need to look at this is also 1 hour (plus drive time) where you can focus strictly on yourself and it IS ok to do that. I promise you if you begin to shift you focus on speaking Life to your situations, you will be amazed how fast this class will go and how much stronger you became.

So Father in the name of Jesus prick the hearts of every person who reads this. I speak to Self-bitterness, forgiveness,self-rejection, and guilt. That they be silenced, in the name of Jesus. That each of them begin to break free and look st themselves with New eyes, Spiritual eyes. In jesus name AMEN!

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