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Occultism- theory or practice : belief in or study of the action or influence of supernatural or super-normal powers (Witch Craft)


The last out of the 7 Strongman spirits is Occultism
Most people don’t understand Occultism.  We think Occultism is just fortune-teller, horoscopes, doing tea readings, playing with Ouija boards or having séances (these all are apart of Witch Craft for sure) but Occultism is anything that offers itself as truth- in place of God- and it is not.

Occultism is a form of knowledge that offers itself as if it were the real thing.  Occultism is also a form of power and a form of identity.  Occultism is Fear and is based on the opposite of who God is and who you are in Him in truth, knowledge, position and identity.  If you are fearful and afraid of everything, you have a spirit of Fear and Cultic thinking becomes your identity.  Cultic thinking offers something that seems to be so real, yet it is counterfeit of the living God.

When there is Occultism in a person, there is no rest.  There is no mental peace.  There is no spiritual peace with themselves, or with God or with others.  Where there is a leavened thought process, there is only torment and fear.  That is a tremendous proof of the power of occult influence.  We become a god unto ourselves, even in our own health.  It is just another form of disease management.  I consider most disease management to be occult in nature.  Even though it seems to give relief, it does not give the solution.  Everyone needs relief.
Occultism can become a religious artifact to create a form of godliness and to manage you spiritually.  Occultism has to be broken in a person’s life in order for them to be totally healed.  One of the Blocks to Healing is continued involvement in occult practices and mentality.

John 8:36  If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

I was a professed Athiest for 23yrs until Sept 18th 1997, the day I accepted Christ. Prior months leading up to this point I was searching for Love (as I discussed yesterday in Addictions) and I was searching for anwsers (TRUTH). So like some people I did Tarrot Card readings. I went to this lady who said this was a gift from god. Some of her readings we so on point (99% truth, 1% lie) is still a Lie!!  You will be channelling for a God, whether it is the 1 True God, or the other gods. Who are you channelling for?

Occultism always takes away and divides.  The Kingdom of God always adds or multiplies things that are good for you (Pastor Henry Wright, “A More Excellent Way”)

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Unloving Spirit

Unloving Spirit- is antichrist spirit, because God is Love


Do you  know someone who wasn’t affectionate ( what about you)? Someone that doesn’t like to hug, hold hands, or the opposite was overly affectionate?  They can’t receive compliments and tend to be very sensitive. Most likely they are dealing with an unloving spirit.  These people who end up getting any addictions in their life stem from the root in the need to be loved. They go and try and find love in all the wrong areas which  sometimes leads to addictions.

In order to gain freedom from the Unloving spirit, you must first deal with Bitterness, Envy and Jealousy, Rejection and self-rejection.  You must deal with Rejection by others and forgive those who rejected you.   You also have to forgive yourself and accept yourself.   Next to God, you ought to be your own best friend.  If you are not prepared to accept yourself, that is Fear.  It negates God’s faith for you.


Deuteronomy 32:10  He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.

God is saying, “From the foundation of the world, I knew you would be here.  I don’t care what someone said to you.  I don’t care who cursed you with their tongue.  You are mine.  You are loved.  I love you and you are accepted.  “You are the apple of my eye.”  You are the object of God’s love.  You are the apple of his eye.  He has called you out of the desert of life because He loved you.  In the Hebrew language, when it says you are the apple of His eye, it means the very focus of His attention is right on you.  It doesn’t make any difference what anyone has said.  When you are born again, that is over with.

When you have Fear, you are not made perfect in love.  You are unable to give and receive love .  Lack of love and the presence of Fear go hand in hand.  If there is no Fear in love and you are complete in Love, Fear has to go. You have to accept that you are loved of God and you are eternally preserved for Him forever.  If you are complete in God’s love and he is in control, why should you fear?

Faith represents your future.  Fear represents the destruction of your future.  Faith and Fear are equal in this dimension: they both demand to be fulfilled.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1 

(More Excellent Way, Henry Wright)

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compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly: persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful


All addictions are  rooted in the need to be LOVED.


Depending on the addiction it is normally coupled with other things.

Weight Problems- are coupled with lack of self-esteem and insecurity all with the need to be loved

You see the mouth is a place for love and security. The mouth and whatever you try to put in it is designed to try to bring you emotional security.
Other addictions

Shopping or Credit Card abuse  tied with Poverty spirit or always feeling in lack of
Anorexia and Bulimia-  Self-esteem, lack of Affirmation from earthly father, self-hatred

Shoplifting or stealing (Kleptomania)

Over Exercising

All of the above are actions from people who need to be loved. Most women base their view on our Heavenly Father on how they look at their earthly father. But you can’t, because your earthly father is human he will lack in areas God can not. This is why communion with God is so important. He is the only one that can fill the void you are missing in your life and he is the only one that can deliver you in the name of Jesus.

I looked up to my father so much, I remember the day (I was 21yrs old) when I realized my father didn’t know it all anymore . Then I realized my father did the best he could. Most of you all know now from Rejection devotional my Father didn’t tell me he loved me verbally until the day I left for college ( I was 18yrs old). If you knew me growing up, you knew  my father  was always there physically. He was unavailable emotionally.
As a little girls we looked to be affirmed by our Fathers and nurtured by our mothers (a healthy balance way) When this doesn’t happen then the need to find love becomes so great. The we go looking for it in all the wrong places.

If you dont have a close and open relationship with your parents,  you will go looking for love everywhere else.  My addictions were sex, drugs, alcohol, food….ect  one addiction after another in my life and it wasn’t until I received the Father’s Love , I stop jumping from addictions and became free.

This can happen if you have a great relationship with your parents but the chances of addiction is smaller.

You must be diligent to solve love, security, and esteem issues now so you don’t just fall into one addiction to another. Or better yet have it passed down to the children.

There was a woman who went through my class who had a love and insecurity issue.. She did extremely well in my class, but she never dealt with her issues. So now she is addicted to exercise and is obsessed with her body is a negative way.

This is why I emphasize the importance of the spiritual issues, I feel like I have done a disservice to people if they lose the weight but don’t get the love from the Father.  “Seek ye the Kingdom first”   This scripture has never been so profound to me until now
Search your heart and  Make Peace with God, be HOT, not cold or lukewarm, seek his purpose for your life.  Find the Father’s Love, feel good about yourself and be free!!

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1: to set apart from others; also : quarantine
2: to select from
among others; especially : to separate from another substance so as to obtain
pure or in a free state

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and
courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God
goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake

Our enemy would like nothing better then for you to
remove yourself from everything and person that brings your life (positive,
encouraging things) again. The deep pit of depression where it
takes everything you have to get out of bed, let alone see people or go
workout. The consuming guilt that you carry around with
you. Or shame you feel and continues to program your mind
because of your past.

I encourage you whether you are experiencing any of the above DO NOT
ISOLATE yourself from God and others.
Normally, the very things you miss out on, you probably needed to be there.
But the Lord will always make another way for you to get the message again. I
had women quit this class before it started only later tell me it was because of
those various things listed above.
This is NOT a boot camp, this is a Transformation and it begins with
realizing I DON’T care what you did or where you came from, I CARE about where
your going!!!
As I have learned there is a void in all of us that no one but God can
fill. But I will tell you if you don’t have friends, mentors, or
people that aren’t speaking life (positive, encouraging things) into your when
you are at your lowest, you need to pray for God to bring them into your
I normally don’t isolate myself, it takes a whole lot. But when I do, it is
Although we should ultimately go to God, sometimes in our isolation we
isolate from God as well. It is a friend who knows, cares,  pray you back to
your Marker (God) again.
I prayed for all of you in this Spring 2012 Class, that God would
bring Janet and I the right class (women) for this time, if you don’t have
friends or people like I have mentioned above, your about too :)

in the name of Jesus thank you for having us realize that you are our complete
source. That if their is no friends, family around you will always be there. I
personally thank you for my friends you have brought in my life that in low
times have redirected me back to you. I pray any person reading this now, that
may not have those types of relationships, that you bring Godly people into
their life to speak life to them. I love you Father, and thank you for who you
are in Jesus name …AMEN

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Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy- a jealous disposition, attitude, or

Envy- painful or resentful awareness of
an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same

Like all the other spirits here are other ones we we
all can say we have encountered. Anytime we said ” I wish I had __
__________________________?” fill in the blank. Someones thick hair, someones
flawless skin, someones money ect….. Jealousy is the
attitude and Envy is
the painful awareness/desire .

Proverbs 14:30 (Amplified
30A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the
body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the

Rottenness to the bones, did you know the spiritual root
for Osteoporosis is envy and jealousy. . But if you have any jealousy and envy
this might hinder healing.

Be careful when you say you wished you had a life
like____________________?. Because if there was a circle of 10 women and all
their problems were in a bag and you started passing the bags around like hot
potatoes. You would want your own bag of problems back, no matter how grand you
thought another woman’s life is. Nothing is ever what it seems.

When it
comes to weight loss I had many people look at me and think I made it after my
transformation. Well, I am here to tell you just because I got my weight down
doesn’t mean I am finished with my issues. Once again this is why I stress so
deeply on making sure the issues are dealt with. Don’t be overwhelmed, but be
happy about yourself and this process.

We all know the story of the butterfly. It can’t become a butterfly
until it goes into it’s cocoon for a period of time. The PROCESS is what make
the butterfly strong and beautiful. Stay the course

Start being thankful
for where you are at and one day you will look up and you will have become more
then you could have imagine.

Romans 13:11-14
11 And do this, understanding the present
time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because
our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is nearly
over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put
on the armor of light. 13 Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in
carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in
dissension and jealousy. 14 Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus
Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.
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Week 2 Day 3- Rejection

1: to refuse to
accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use
2: : to refuse to
hear, receive, or admit
3 : to refuse as lover or

Rejection robs people of relationships. Rejection will
make people feel that others don’t love them.
Rejection communicates that a
person is unacceptable, of no value, doesn’t belong, unwanted, can’t fit in and
unloved. Rejection communicates this message through a disgusted look, disdain,
an impatient answer, a snub, through neglect, through abandoning someone,
through silence. (Henry Wright, “A More Excellent Way”)

I have learned
over the years there are some people who actually have become one with a deep
rooted spirit of Rejection(mostly generational passed down from family)that
stays with them until they discern and get delivered.. Rejection is considered
one of the 7 Strongman Spirits along with Bitterness that we saw yesterday.

We have all dealt with a form of rejection in our lives whether from our
parents, divorce,even to not being invited to a party, ect… For me rejection
creeped in thru the womb with my mother. My mother was very non-affectionate or
non-nurturing. My father couldn’t verbally say he loved me. So I have a mother
who couldn’t nurture and a father who couldn’t tell me he loved me. So guess
what, I internally felt rejected and became numb, cold person later in

The Lord had to show me how to forgive my parents. They only did what they
saw themselves. They choose not to follow God themselves, to change, to bring
generational change. This use to make me mad, because why wouldn’t they want to
suffer for me, until I realized how difficult it is. Especially, for my
mother who sill to this day doesn’t believe in God. I had the choice, just like
them, so my children do NOT have to. Being Redemptive seed of change, is very
painful, but very rewarding. I have choosen to suffer and die to they self. My
children will have thier own battles, but not being nurtured, told they are
loved, or learning to have a relationship with God won’t be one of them.
Father in the name of Jesus, I speak now to the spirit of Rejection, and it
can no longer try and rule over anyone reading this now. I pray that
every person reading this that has dealt with this spirit recognize,repent , and
renounce it from their lives forever. Father I release the power of the Holy
Spirit to fill that void that the spirit of Rejection left and may they lift
their head high and walk with no fear. AMEN
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Week 2 Day 2- BITTERNESS

Bitterness- exhibiting intense

Hebrews 12:15 (New King James
15 looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God;
lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become

Bitterness corrodes like acid, eating away at our
soul. It poisons first the mind and then the body. It is often marked by
cynicism and animosity towards others. Bitterness is a STRONG MAN kept in a
place by several underlings

I struggled with bitterness for years and
still sometimes it tries to creep up in me. Little frustrations about life can
turn into big time bitterness I have learned over the years. It is just not
worth it, walking around in a terrible mood, with a frown on your face. I can
walk into a room full of woman and within 5 minutes tell you who is bitter.
Because I can recognize the familiar spirit, and it is sad when I see people
tormented by Bitterness.

Bitterness is also emotional weight that you can carry around that
literally puts WEIGHT on you. When I went through my own personal transformation
over 4 years ago the Lord showed me that losing weight was more then just
working out and eating right. I needed to rid myself of generational anger, and
bitterness towards my mother-in-law. He showed me this emotional weight
(feelings) I had towards another person was WEIGHING me down. I will tell you it
wasn’t easy, because it was like I wanted to be mad at her. But then I realized
being mad at her because of how she felt about me was actually letting her
control my life. So I repented and lost 9 lbs in 1 week.
Why is bitterness a sin? By holding on to bitterness, you are telling
God he is not needed in this situation. You have placed yourself in his shoes by
judging someone else for what they have done, either you or to someone close to
you. Your heart says “God, I will execute judgement here.” But, scripture
clearly tells us vengeance belongs to the Lord (Romans 12:19)
God’s word says unless we forgiving of those who trespass
against us, God will not forgive our sins (Mathew 6:15, and Mark
*excerpts of Bitterness a Strong Man spirit come from the book “A More
Excellent Way”, by Pastor Henry Wright
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Fear Not

Fear- to be afraid of : expect with alarm <fear the
Fear is a curse and it produces bondage. Every time you recognize Fear
rising up( meaning overwhelming feelings of feeling stuck or trapped in a
situation) you have to respond with what you are going to believe. There are
over 4,000 fears (Henry Eright “More Excellent Way). Fear of people, fear of
getting pregnant, fear of sickness, fear of death, fear of poverty, ect….on
and on….

There are so many kinds of voices in the world, and
none of them is without signification. 1Corinthians 14:10

thought that comes to you from another voice or from your own thought process
which contradicts the Word of God is an anti-christ thought.

The spirit
of Fear is an anti-christ spirit because they debate and dethrone the Word of
God in your life. They cast down what God has said about His faithfulness to you
(You only would know this by reading what he promises us I the Bible). You must
get to a place where you understand and believe that you are accepted of God and
loved by God. If you are not perfect in the love of God and you have Fear within
you, then torment comes. It is torment of the spirit and torment of the soul.
That is the mind body connection and you eventually be affected physically.
Sinus infections, asthma, stomach problems, hives..are to name a few things that
can affect you physically because of fear.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:
because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1John

When you have Fear, you are not made perfect in love. You
are unable to give and receive love properly . Lack of love and the presence of
Fear go hand in hand. If there is no Fear in love and you are complete in Love,
Fear has to go. You have to accept that you are loved by God and you are
eternally preserved for Him forever. If you are complete in God’s love and he is
in control, why should you fear?

Faith represents your future. Fear
represents the destruction of your future. Faith and Fear are equal in this
dimension: they both demand to be fulfilled.

Now faith is the
substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Your hopes motivate you because that is what faith is. Faith
involves God’s plan for you. Your hopes need to be based on the known will and
knowledge of God as revealed by the Word of God. Fear will try to create your
future. It projects into the future, based on your past. What you are meditating
on or thinking about every day occupies your mind. You may be meditating on the
good things or you may be thinking about all the things that will go wrong in
your life today and tomorrow. The object of your fear is not only being
projected into tomorrow, but also yesterday’s projected fear is here today. If
Fear is a form of faith and you believe what Fear says and not what God says,
then according to your Fear-faith so be it unto you. Both are demanding to be
fulfilled. Which one are you fulfilling

Faith will always defeat Fear,
because faith is a work of the Holy Spirit. Fear is a work of the created being
named Lucifer, who fell and became Satan.( Section taking from Henry Wright “A
More Excellent Way”)

Lastly, Jesus said “FEAR NOT” 365 times in the
Bible, basically everyday……….so go and Take your Peace…

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Costs of Obedience

Cost: the outlay or expenditure (as of effort or sacrifice) made to achieve an object

Obedience: an act or instance of obeying

Deuteronomy 5:33
Walk in obedience to all that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.

Anytime you set goals to better yourself, there is always a cost.  Obedience Costs……. When you Say “Yes” to something, you have to say “No” to something else. What are you saying Yes too, and then No to better yourself?

Do you realize that disobedience to the Lord is bondage.  So whatever the Lord is telling you to do, DO IT, Obey Quickly. Whether to forgive someone, to pray for a stranger, to give something without having anything in return…whatever…even if you do not understand, Do it because the Lord says,
Proverbs 3:5-8
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
       and lean not on your own understanding;

 6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
       and he will make your paths straight.

 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes;
       fear the LORD and shun evil.

 8 This will bring health to your body
       and nourishment to your bones



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Week 1 Day 3- Transitioning

passage from one state, subject, stage or place to another :

Transition isn’t always easy, but necessary for
growth. For the most part you can start to see things happen before the actually
act of transition begins. Some people ignore it, some resist it, but if you
embrace it there is peace. If you believe God is in control of everything and
you believe HIS word

Joshua 1:5

No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your
life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you nor
forsake you.
As you
transition into this season of your life embrace it knowing God is with you, and
his plans for you are to be in health and prosper.
The summer of 2010 I felt transitioning as Kris and I were coming up on our
Anniversary, and about to move into our first house. I was not happy about what
was suppose to be exciting times. Kris was actually out of work for several
weeks during this period. Instead, of us working together and being happy, we
were miserable and fought the whole time. Later as we transitioned out the Lord
showed me how blessed we were to have that time together and how He orchestrated it, and we
blew it.
We were too busy focused on “How” we were going to make it with Kris
out of work, that we missed God in the process. If you don’t like where you are at
now, God knows. Change the way you look at it and ask God, What is it I am
suppose to be learning from this?
Father, I come to you now in the Name of Jesus, asking forgiveness in
this area for myself, wash me clean, purify me so my prayers can be heard and
answered. I pray for each person reading this that they embrace their individual
transition in their lives and  that they have a joy and peace like never before. They will
know that they are at the right place, at the right time with you in this
season. Let them see you will take care of all the details, in Jesus name- Amen